Tailor Recipes

Item Ranking High level Ingredients
Dandelion Cotton Fledgling
Woven Straw Fabric Fledgling
Silk Apprentice
Wool Apprentice
Sunny Cotton Adept
Marine Silk Adept
Linen Adept
Cashmere Expert
Flare Wool Expert
Black Cashmere Expert
Angelic Cotton Master
Pink Silk Master
Stardust Linen Master
Rainbow Linen God-in-Training
Divine Cashmere God-in-Training

Item Ranking High level Ingredients
Castele Blouse Fledgling
Castele Shirt Fledgling
Castele Skirt Fledgling
Castele Slacks Fledgling
Artisan's Apron Fledgling
Artisan's Puffy Shorts Fledgling
Highland Top Fledgling
Highland Kilt Fledgling
Sunshine Skirt Fledgling
Duelling Outfit Apprentice
Duelling Bottoms Apprentice
Harbour Hunny Suit Apprentice
Harbour Hunny Skirt Apprentice
Harbour Hunk Suit Apprentice
Harbour Hunk Slacks Apprentice
Quilted Coat Apprentice
Quilted Bottoms Apprentice
Striped Skirt Apprentice
Seafarer's Outfit Apprentice
Seafarer's Capris Apprentice
Lined Skirt Apprentice
Twin Tail Jacket Adept
Watermeloons Adept
Holiday Top Adept
Sea Sarong Adept
Holiday Shirt Adept
Sea Trunks Adept
Chic Maajik Loose Top Adept
Chic Maajik Skirt Adept
Chic Maajik Top Adept
Chic Maajik Capris Adept
Puffy-Sleeved Top Adept
Loose Stripies Adept
Frilly Skirt Adept
Twilight Top Adept
Desert Diva Skirt Adept
Desert Top Adept
Loose Trousers Adept
Linen Tunic Adept
Linen Bottoms Adept
Coastal Armour Adept
Coastal Bottoms Adept
Frigid Armour Adept
Frigid Bottoms Adept
Pretty Princess Outfit Expert
Tuxedo Expert
Formal Trousers Expert
Chequered Skirt Expert
Maharaja Robe Expert
Maharaja Bottoms Expert
Banded Skirt Expert
Denim Long Skirt Expert
Sandy Armour Expert
Sandy Bottoms Expert
Grotto Armour Expert
Grotto Bottoms Expert
Flame Robe Expert
Aqua Robe Expert
Sky-High Armour Master
Sky-High Bottoms Master
Earth Robe Master
Wind Robe Master
Umbral Robe Hero
Light Robe Hero
Polka Dot Skirt Master
Origin Island Armour God-in-Training
Origin Island Bottoms God-in-Training
Rainbow Robe God-in-Training
Philosopher's Robe God
Sacred Robe God-in-Training
Sacred Trousers God-in-Training
Freya's Mail God
Freya's Skirt God
Minerva's Mail God
Minerva's Skirt God
Valkyrie Mail God
Valkyrie Skirt God
Heatwave Apron God
Woodland Jacket God
Woodland Trousers God
Grand Miner's Bottoms God
Chief's Apron God
Chief's Breeches God
Famous Fisher's Smock God
Doctor's Garb God
Fashionista Dress God
Five Star Outfit God
Buccaneer's Coat God
Buccaneer's Bottoms God
Sniper Tunic God
Sniper's Culottes God
Grand Magician's Robe God
Monarch Outfit God
Monarch Tights God

Item Ranking High level Ingredients
Lowtop Shoes Fledgling
Artisan's Hat Fledgling
Artisan's Mitts Fledgling
Artisan's Shoes Fledgling
Highland Beret Fledgling
Highland Loafers Fledgling
Cape Fledgling
Duelling Boots Apprentice
Quilted Hat Apprentice
Quilted Mittens Fledgling
Quilted Boots Fledgling
Netted Hat Apprentice
Harbour Sandals Apprentice
Warrior's Sandals Apprentice
Mules Adept
Beach Sandals Adept
Ribbon-Laced Shoes Adept
Cup Cap Adept
Comfy Slippers Adept
Jade Turban Adept
Gold Bangles Adept
High-Toe Boots Adept
Desert Headdress Adept
Pair of Babouches Adept
Moccasins Adept
Long Cape Adept
Bat Cape Adept
Coastal Headwear Adept
Coastal Gloves Adept
Coastal Boots Adept
Frigid Headwear Adept
Frigid Gloves Adept
Frigid Boots Adept
Castele Heels Expert
Formal Dress Shoes Expert
Short Cape Expert
Maharaja Turban Expert
Maharaja Shoes Expert
Grinning Hat Expert
Magic Mittens Expert
Magic Shoes Expert
Sandy Headwear Expert
Sandy Gloves Expert
Sandy Boots Expert
Grotto Headwear Expert
Grotto Gloves Expert
Grotto Boots Expert
Flame Hood Expert
Aqua Hood Expert
Sky-High Headwear Master
Sky-High Gloves Master
Sky-High Boots Master
Earth Hood Master
Wind Hood Master
Umbral Hood Hero
Light Hood Hero
Shark Hat Expert
Origin Island Cap God-in-Training
Origin Island Gloves God-in-Training
Origin Island Boots God-in-Training
Tiger Carp Helm God-in-Training
Rainbow Hood God-in-Training
Philosopher's Hat God
Philosopher's Mitts God
Philosopher's Shoes God
Sacred Hood God-in-Training
Sacred Hand Guards God-in-Training
Sacred Boots God-in-Training
Sacred Cape God-in-Training
Freya's Helm God
Freya's Hand Guards God
Freya's Sandals God
Freya's Wings God
Minerva's Helm God
Minerva's Hand Guards God
Minerva's Sandals God
Minerva's Wings God
Valkyrie Helm God
Valkyrie Hand Guards God
Valkyrie Sandals God
Valkyrie Wings God
Hammer Head God
Hammer Gloves God
Hammer Boots God
Woodland Beret God
Woodland Bangles God
Woodland Boots God
Grand Miner's Mitts God
Grand Miner's Boots God
Chief's Bandana God
Chief's Hand Guards God
Chief's Safety Boots God
Whale Hood God
Famous Fisher's Gloves God
Famous Fisher's Sandals God
Creativity Cap God
Doctor's Shoes God
Doctor's Cape Fledgling
Silk Pincushion God
Fashionista Shoes God
Five Star Hat God
Five Star Shoes Fledgling
Crusader's Cape God
Buccaneer's Boots God
Buccaneer's Hat God
Sniper's Hat God
Sniper's Gloves God
Sniper's Boots God
Grand Magician's Hood God
Grand Magician's Shoes God
Monarch Crown God
Monarch Gloves God
Monarch Loafers God

Item Ranking High level Ingredients
Simple Curtains Fledgling
Simple Mat Fledgling
Simple Carpet Fledgling
Castele Curtains Fledgling
Woven Castele Mat Apprentice
Woven Castele Rug Apprentice
Veggie Plot Rug Apprentice
Rush Rug Apprentice
Wooden Log Rug Adept
Forest Curtains Adept
Leaf Mat Adept
Lace Curtains Adept
Port Town Mat Expert
Port Town Rug Expert
Pirate Ship Window Expert
Pirate Mat Expert
Ship Deck Rug Expert
Pirate Flag Expert
Starry Night Curtains Expert
Starry Night Mat Expert
Starry Night Rug Expert
Clover Rug Expert
Netherworldly Curtains Master
Mat of Darkness Master
Underworld Rug Master
Royal Curtains Master
Royal Mat Master
Royal Rug Master
Teddy Bear Fledgling
Cuddly Sea Turtle Adept
Toy Camel Expert
Big Bunny Plushie Master
Cloud Curtains God-in-Training
Fluffkin-Shaped Rug God-in-Training
Fish-for-Life Flag God
Plushy Cottage God
Plushling Plushie God