Name Category Sub Category Description
Castele Blouse Armour Top Traditional garb from Castele's history. Very popular among Castelian women.
Castele Shirt Armour Top Traditional garb from Castele's history. Very popular among Castelian men.
Highland Top Armour Top A plain jacket traditionally worn with tartan. Now often worn by waiters at fancy cafes.
Artisan's Apron Armour Top A simple but effective apron. Designed to be used in any walk of life.
Duelling Outfit Armour Top Clothing worn for duelling. For those who value pride and honour above all else.
Quilted Coat Armour Top A warm and durable coat. Stay warm, look cool. What more could you want?
Castele Skirt Armour Bottom A traditional woven skirt from Castele. The short skirt with a long history.
Striped Skirt Armour Bottom A stripy skirt popular in Castele. Comfortable and colourful - a winning combination!
Sunshine Skirt Armour Bottom A pretty skirt with a flowery design. It is very popular with the girls of Port Puerto
Castele Slacks Armour Bottom Traditional woven slacks from Castele. Well loved by Castelians, even to this day.
Highland Kilt Armour Bottom Traditional menswear from Castele. Lately, it is popular among both men and women.
Artisan's Puffy Shorts Armour Bottom Specially-made legwear for all walks of Life. Affectionately referred to as "puffers".
Duelling Bottoms Armour Bottom Light trousers worn to take part in a duel. Be challenged by your foe, not your clothes!
Quilted Bottoms Armour Bottom Toasty legwear padded around the thighs. Fashionable if worn with a Quilted Coat.
Formal Trousers Armour Bottom Trousers made for more formal situations. Tapered in the middle for extra flair.
Highland Beret Armour Headgear A simple beret with a tartan pattern. Complete the look with matching bottoms!
Artisan's Hat Armour Headgear A hat designed for artisans of all crafts. Not very suitable for battle...
Quilted Hat Armour Headgear A hat made of a thick, quilted material. Protects against attacks and the cold.
Artisan's Mitts Armour Gloves Crafter's gloves to protect fingers from harm. Light and flexible for creating fancy designs.
Quilted Mittens Armour Gloves Quilted gloves lined with soft cotton. LIke wrapping your hands in a snuggly cloud!
Lowtop Shoes Armour Footwear Simple shoes fashioned from leather. Perfect with almost any outfit.
Highland Loafers Armour Footwear Old-fashioned, rounded loafers. Worn for generations alongside a tradtional kilt.
Artisan's Shoes Armour Footwear Versatile shoes worn by artisans. Equally suited to use indoors and out.
Duelling Boots Armour Footwear Boots made specially for duellists. Soft and flexible to allow for quick movements.
Quilted Boots Armour Footwear Shoes suited to the cold of Mt Snowpeak. Soft, fluffy lining keeps feet nice and snug.
Castele Heels Armour Footwear Glamorous shoes for a formal occasion. The highest of heels at the height of fashion.
Cape Armour Accessory A cape to protect against both attacks and the cold. They seem to be in fashion lately.
Round Specs Armour Accessory A pair of glasses suitable for long hours at the library. Now you're reading with power!
Charm Armour Accessory A charm that slightly improves your Luck.
Healweed Consumable Can be used in alchemy. Has a light, fresh scent.
HP Potion Consumable Restores HP a little.
Hi-HP Potion Consumable Restores a generous amount of HP.
Vitalweed Consumable Alchemy material. Has a refreshing scent.
SP Potion Consumable Restores HP a little.
Hi-SP Potion Consumable Restores a generous amount of HP.
Poison Antidote Consumable An antidote for poison.
Stun Antidote Consumable A cure for being stunned.
Sleep Antidote Consumable Wakes you up.
Panacea Consumable Cures all abnormal statuses.
Life Cure Consumable Can revive you if you're defeated.
Mini Bomb Consumable A bomb that inflicts a bit of damage on enemies.
Sleep Bomb Consumable A bomb that puts enemies to sleep.
Bronze Pickaxe Tool Pickaxe Pickaxe made of bronze. Good for the more brittle rocks.
Oak Axe Tool Axe Axe with a handle made of oak. Somewhat decent.
Pine Axe Tool Axe Axe with a handle made of pine. Be careful! It's sharp!
Guppy Rod Tool Rod Fishing rod made for practising. For those still fishing in the kiddy pool.
Oak Rod Tool Rod Crude fishing rod made of oak. An entry-level rod, at best.
Pine Rod Tool Rod Tough fishing rod made of pine. Fort hose who want to fish but lack technique.
Bronze Hammer Tool Hammer Hammer made of bronze. It's okay for most forging.
Iron Hammer Tool Hammer Solid hammer made of iron. Great for those aspiring Blacksmiths.