What is Gatherer?

Gatherer is a tool that allows you to find multiple items quickly in Fantasy Life. It's great when you want to craft multiple items at once or do multiple quests at once.

Shopping Bliss Bonuses:

I am a Master:

Fledgling Cook
Egg Basics
Meat Your Maker
Rumoured to be Healthy
Skinny Veggie Soups
Remove the Bones First
Mutton Mayhem
Exquisite Eggs
An Apple a Day
A Humble Feast
Will Warm You Up

Burger Bonanza
Flavoursome and Simple
Eggspertly Fried
Five-a-Day Soup
Fluff it Up
Rich and Creamy
Full of Omega-3
The Fresher the Better
Triple Quiche Special
Healthy Veg
Mouth-Watering Lamb
Apprentice Chef
Signature Soup
Perfect Side Dish

Hearty Meal
Bursting with Southern Flavours
Sardine Special
Taste of Summer
French Cuisine
Sweet Tooth
Smoking Hot Prawn
Barley Beverage
Meat Lovers' Favourite
Slippery Meal
Sushi Expert
Sunny Side Up
Eat Hot with Some Butter
Adept Chef
This is How I Roll

Hot Soup for Any Season
Sweet Vegetable
Magician's Breakfast
Sweetie Pie
You'll Be Spellbound
Autumn Favourite
Desiccated Dinner
My Midsummer Dream
Pufferfish Minus Poison
Soup Most Lovely
The Best Sushi
Expert Chef
Woodcutter's Lunch
Buccaneer's Secret Recipe
Monstrous Appetite
A Meal Fit for a King
Small Fish, Great Flavour
Spectacular Sashimi Set
Recommended by Daemon

Simple but Refined
Desert Delicacy
Snowy Special
Lava Lunch
Impressive Stew Menu
Taste of Magic
Blizzard, Served Hot
Roast for the Brave
Electrifying Egg
Chef de Cuisine
Cloud Nine

The Tale of Sweetcorn
High Steaks
Good as Gold
What Sorcery is This?
Egg & Veg Master
Cuisine for Champions
Rare Delicacy
Cooking Master
Meat Master
Seafood Master

Epic Roast
A Feast Not Only for the Eyes
Resort Town Special
Finest Frappe
Bards Will Sing of It
10 Wishes Come True

Copper Basics
Bronze Buddy
Craft a Bronze Sword!
Craft a Bronze Dagger!
Craft a Bronze Shield!
Craft a Bronze Claymore!
Craft Leather Armour!
Coppersmith Extraordinaire
Just Getting Fired Up!

Iron Basics
Craft an Iron Hammer!
Craft an Iron Pickaxe!
Craft an Iron Needle!
Craft an Iron Frying Pan!
Craft an Iron Shield!
Iron Arms Artisan
Craft Iron Leg Armour!
Craft an Iron Helm!
Craft Iron Hand Armour!
Craft Iron Footwear!
Premium Ironsmith
Craft Iron Armour!

Craft Savage Leg Armour!
Craft a Savage Headpiece!
Craft a pair of Savage Gauntlets!
Craft a pair of Savage Boots!
Craft Savage Armour!
Craft Mermaid Leg Armour!
Craft a Mermaid Helm!
Craft a pair of Mermaid Gloves!
Craft a pair of Mermaid Boots!
Craft Mermaid Mail!
Silver Basics
Craft a Silver Hammer!
Sleek Silver
Silver Lining
Fight Silver with Silver
Craft a Silver Needle!
Got a Licence for that Thing?!
Behold, the Silversmith!
Shiny Protection
Two-Handed Fury

Gold Basics
Craft Shell Armour!
Golden Guard
A Golden Opportunity
Craft a Gold Hammer!
Platinum Basics
Platinum Hit!
Bling! Bling!
We Just Went Platinum!
Captain's Guard
Straight to the Point
The Beast Defence
Hungry Like a Beast
All Clammed Up
Furnace Side Fashion

Three's a Crowd
Fuel the Flames!
Artisan of the Arcane
Some Killer Crystal
Three is the Magic Number
Dragon Armour
Light Enough For Ya?
Into the Void!
The Crusher
The Price of Protection
Crush the Competition!
Celestial Basics

Feel the Joy
Heavenly Hammer
One Armour to Guard All
Armour Amore
Good Things Come in Fives

Positively Ancient
Embrace the Darkness
Smithing is Godliness
Like Clockwork

The First Woodcut
Angler's Answer
Magician's Mate
Casual Chair
Wooden Range
Woodcutter's Wonder
Archer's Arm
Carpentry Toolbox 1
Finishing Touches
Log Cabin Dreams

Cunning Pine
Gone Fishin'
Mighty Pine Staff
Hole On!
Choppin' Time
Target Practice
Carpentry Toolbox 2
Cross my Palm
Port Town Memories
Tiled and Tested
Port Town Holidays
Tile of Wills
Plenty of Palm
Barrel of Laughs
Carpentry Toolbox 3

Sugar Rush
Sweet Woodcutter
Sweet Hunter
Sweet Fish
Sweet Magic
Starlight Seat
Room Full of Stars
A Thousand Years of Dreams
Marvellous Mangrove
Captain's Chair
Pirate's Parlour
Scoundrel's Storage
Pirate Perch
Seagulls and Sunsets
Carpentry Toolbox 4

Fantastic Fir
Not All That Glitters is Gold
Magical Fir
Crow Complex
Carpentry Toolbox 5
Fancy Fishin' Rod
Somewhere Fir Me To Sit
Deep Forest Dreams
Forest Home Furnishings
Save Room for Desert
Shooting Arrow
Treasure Chest Hunt
Dark Sultan Furnishings
The Dark Sultan's Seat
The Dark Sultan's Table
The Dark Sultan's Secrets
The Dark Sultan's Memories
The Dark Sultan's Nap Spot
The Dark Sultan's Night Terrors
The Dark Sultan's Dresser

Carving Stars
Starlight Magic
Seat Fit for a King
Table Fit for a King
The King's Chamber
Earth, Water, Wind, Fire
Staff of Power!
Water Rod
Water Blade
Carpentry Toolbox 6
A Cloud of Bats
Burning Arrow
Desert Wind
Axe Goddess
Sleeping under the Stars
Carpentry Toolbox 7

Reach for the Skytree
Map to Adventure
Fated Arrow
Sea of Snakes

Giant Trees
Divine Trees
Furry Furniture
Livin' on a Cloud
Astral Planning
Carpentry Toolbox Complete

Cotton Cloud
Dandelion Dandy
Castele Lass about Town
Castele Lad about Town
Artisanal Fashion
Nature Chic
Castele Nature Chic
The Thorough Tailor
Classy Style
The Artisan's New Clothes

Have You Any Wool?
Three Bags Full
Harbour Hunny Style
Harbour Hunk Style
Cosy in Quilt
Quilted Accessories
Runway Duel
Boardwalk Catwalk
Silken Threads
Silk Chic
The Thoughtful Tailor
Swordplay with Style
High-Class Harbour Hunny
Port Puerto Fashion Week

Something Old, Something New
Sunny Threads
Sunny Fashion
Cap Half-Full
Bobbin's Teddy
Desert Town Fashionista
Desert Town Fashionister
Silky Smooth Waves
Scorching Sands
Beach Boys and Girls
Coast Style
Fresh Pressed Linens
The Threadbare Tailor
Bobbin's Cuddly Turtle
Desert Dune Dress
Cold Weather Chic

Billy Goat's Gift
A Luxury Ensemble
Super Skirts
Party at the Palace
Belle of the Ball
Short Stuff Style
The Golden Sheep
Flair for Flare Wool
Bobbin's Toy Camel
Palace Parlour Party
High-Class Princess
Traveller from Distant Sands
Magical Fashion
A Smile Suits Every Outfit
Black Goat's Gift
Dark Luxury
Skirt Flirt
Shark Chic
The Theatrical Tailor
Grotto Glamour
Majestic Maharaja
Fire and Water Mix and Match

Angel of Fashion
Earthy and Breezy
Bobbin's Bunny
Pretty in Pink
Posing in Pink
Harmony of Heaven and Earth
The Tenacious Tailor
Levitania Style
Star Style
Five Star Style

The Terrific Tailor
Night and Day Fashion
Luxury Levitania Style
Bobbin's Special Bunny
Royal Soft Furnishings
The Divine Tailor
Umbra Shadows
Light Beams

Rakish Rainbow
Glittery Glamour
Resplendent in Rainbows
Godly Soft Furnishings
Origin Island Couture
Sacred Tailoring

Fledgling Alchemist
Royal Bandage
Don't Let the Poison Win!
Loosen Up!
Wake Up, Sleepyhead!
Charming Accessories
Quality Crafting
Bombs Away
Perpetual Pep
Litmus Flask
The Notorious Alchemist
Shiny Spectacles
Beast Chic
Flamel's Fancy

Reveria Bandage
Nap Attack
Frivolous Flask
Gotta Be High Class
Rising from the Ashes
Wild Fang
Beautiful Ocean Stone
Topaz Sky
Endurance Alchemy
The Studious Alchemist
Flamel's Fury

Alchemy Scholar Style
Amethyst Purple
Goin' Snorkelling!
Sky-Blue Flower
Healing Heaven
Gimme Strength!
Gimme Vitality!
Gimme Magic!
Poison Blast
Stun Blast
Flashy Flask
The Ingenious Alchemist
Classy in Coral
Bombs Away! Second Barrage
Healing Circle
Rejuvenation Stations
Ocean Fashion Passion
Charming Charm
Flamel's Folly

Healing Touch
Beast Style
Give Us Strength!
Give Us Vitality!
Give Us Magic!
Fabulous Flask
The Industrial Alchemist
A Vision of Sophistication
Alchemy Geek Chic
Blood Red Stone
Deep Blue Stone
Emerald Forest Stone
Ocean Sounds
Heroic Accessorising
Energy MAX!
Flamel's Frustration

Fantabulous Flask
Critical Damage
Mega First Aid
Cute Red Frames
Frosty Flask
Flamel's Fixation
The Alacritous Alchemist
Elixir of Life
A Little Genius
Flying Flask
Flamel's Furore

Spray to Go!
Bombs Away! Final Barrage
Wild Side Walk
A Dark Accessory
An Alchemist's Best Friend
Forbidden Flask
The Divine Alchemist
Daring Alchemy
The Philosopher's Stone

Angelic Blessings
Miracle Madness
Blast from the Heavens
Demonic Boom
A Lucky Experiment
A Godly Experiment

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